Multiple virtual hosts and port redirection

NethServer Version: 7.5
Module: webserver

Sorry, I do not get that from the manuals. Maybe this is up to my technical english, so I kindly ask for some help.

based on my.tld I would like to create some vhosts, such as:

Now I would like to redirect open port requests on my router to Nethsever. > mattermost -> nethserver-IP\webtop (or sogo) -> -> piwik installed via ftp on nethserver apache -> drupal installed via ftp on nethserver apache ->

Is there good (maybe german manual)


found the first one for reverse proxy … it is an own module within nethserver …

For Mattermost you have to set a virtual host via Nethserver web UI:

Webtop and sogo have an e-smith db prop to set a virtual host/public URL:

The others should work with reverse proxy.


Dear Markus,

for webtop:
Do I need to create an Virtual host first?
Following an Example, I do want to change to say “mail.mydomain.tld” without /webtop. This should work, right?


No, virtual host is not needed.
I didn’t test it but it should work…

Hi Markus,

no, it does not work as expected. Following the procedures described herein:

does not allow to change the host to http://mail.mydomain.tld without /webtop.
mail.mydomain.tld ends up on the default www host.

Is there any other option?

It should work with a reverse proxy virtual host:


Sorry, doesn’t work, you cannot login :unamused:


Workaround via vhost and redirect:

You may create a virtualhost with the virtualhost module:

Create a /var/lib/nethserver/vhost/webtopvhost/index.php that redirects to the webtop URL:

   header ("location: https://yourdomain.tld/webtop");

Set apache as owner for index.php:

chown apache:apache /var/lib/nethserver/vhost/webtopvhost/index.php

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