Multiple PPPOE connections


I’m trying to replace my pfSense router with a new Nethserver installation, but I have 2 ADSL connections so I need to set two pppoe connections.

I cannot add the second pppoe connection because Configuration -> Network -> New Interface only lists “PPPOE on ppp0” even though I’ve already configured it.

Is there any way that I may enable ppp1 and have multiple pppoe connections?



ATM, the only way I can think of, it’s to configure the second connection following standard centos instructions.
Adding support for multiple pppoe connections to nethserver seems tricky.
You could use the web gui to add the first connection, then copy relevant files and add the second connection.
cp /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-ppp0 /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-ppp1


Thank you for your reply Filippo.

If I manage to manually configure second pppoe connection (it shouldn’t be that hard), will I be able to configure nat, multi-wan, etc through web gui for ppp1?


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You’d be able to add the 2nd connection to the system, once configured.
You’ll need to add a record to the networks db:
db networks set ppp1 xdsl-disabled AuthType auto user XXX Password XXX name PPPoE provider YYY role red
I will assist you in case of problems.
@Nas initially offered instructions to add PPPoE support and development was done on community feedback. I can’t access a PPPoE line, but I think we could add this feature with your support.
@giacomo, do you think I’m missing some big chunk of work?


You need to configure it manually.
At the end of configuration, you shouldn’t touch the network configuration, otherwise you will probably loose all the the work.

Regarding the db record, something like this should be more appropriate:
db networks set ppp1 xdsl AuthType auto user XXX Password XXX name PPPoE provider YYY role red


[quote=“eaykoc, post:1, topic:4082”]
trying to replace my pfSense router with a new Nethserver installation

Do you mean the actual hardware?

Does Nethserver support MLPPP , but remember now PFsense allows for Multiple gateway groups…
Also PFsense uses a bandwidth aggregation of multiple links and your providers need to support IPv6,

Im gonna try @filippo_carletti I currently use a Microtik RB2011 to do my 2 dialups, as I couldnt get it right… On the standard PFsense software on a PC…

maybe I did something wrong…



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Our pfSense lives in Hyper-V and I’ve installed Nethserver as another guest to the same host.

I’ve enabled the first pppoe connection on Nethserver and I think I’ve found a bug:
“Static routes” works as soon as it’s set-up with non-pppoe connection, but with pppoe, the static routes are activated once the server is restarted.