Multiple mails send if BCC is enabled in Configuration/Email/messages/


We need to have a copy of every send and recieved email.
If i use Always send a copy (BCC) in Configuration / Email / Messages and send it to an emailaccount on the same server, i will get 3 mails on that account of every email.
Is there a way to avoid this? Or is this a bug?

Sander van Noort

Maybe duplicated emails are addressed to multiple recipients via To:, Cc: or Bcc:.
There is a customization to avoid delivery of multiple messages, please search the forum and ping me here if you can’t find it.

As I read, it’s by design, but you can try the following:

If you want to try this, please built a custom template.

Have you tried it?


I did try some things but all did not work out.
Will try again tomorrow, too much work at the moment.

Regards, Sander

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