Multiple Mail Clients


I am attempting to test NS / Dovecote with muitiple e-mail clients / applications, I have four apps, two desktop / workstation clients (MS Windows with Thunderbird and Linux / KDE with
Kmail / Kontacts) and two Android devices (both running the K9 mail client software).

Occasionally, when any of the mail apps is executed (or run creating new IMAP configuration for any of these clients), I would get a new message stating that the mail client can’t accept authentication information due to maximum number of connections from user+IP exceeding a server limit (mail_max_userip_connections=12).

What is the workaround / solution for this error and can the solution be included as default within a future NS update?


I don’t know for K9 and Kmail, but in Thunderbird you can handle the number of connections. Typically 5 connections are choosen, but I think you can set it to 2 without any problems.

We have the MaxUserConnectionsPerIp prop under dovecot key! For instance, let’s double the default value:

config setprop dovecot MaxUserConnectionsPerIp 24
signal-event nethserver-mail-server-update

Hi @medworthy,
Keep us updated, you’ve solved the problem?

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It did work, however it was more of a problem with my overall network infrastructure but I have resolved the problem by moving the mail server off-site onto a server / site with a more stable Internet connection :slight_smile:

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