Multiple domain email SMTP mailboxes


NethServer Version: 7.6.1810
Module: Email


First of all thankyou to the developers, maintainers and community for creating NethServer - I have found it fairly easy to use so far and hope I can pay back some day…

I am presently attempting to set up mailboxes for multiple domains (e.g. and I have changed the DNS A record for both domains to point at my NethServer machine and have managed to set up the first email address. For the second, @domainB does not come up as an option when I go to Users and Groups->User name (it is fixed to I have created a new domain in Configuration->Email.

When I send an email to I get gave this error:;: Recipient address rejected: undeliverable address: User unknown in virtual alias table

I’ve read all the other threads I could find on this topic, as well as the docs, but can’t seem to find clarity on this. I have the following questions:

Is multiple domain SMTP email possible with Nethserver via the UI, or otherwise?

Is there a guide to add extra email domains and SMTP?

What is the virtual alias table and where do I edit it?

Can you see any fundamental misunderstanding I’m making?

Here are the related threads I found:

By design, no. NethServer do not support fully customizable multiple domain mailboxes.
You can have only one userbase and only one set of mailboxes/aliases, but these could be bonded to multiple domains.

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Thank you @pike,

Let me rephrase:

Is it possible, by design, to send and receive email from and via a single NethServer Virtual Server instance?

Can this be done by “bonding to multiple domains”?

Only on the same mailbox.

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i.e. the same domain, or can the same mailbox have muliple domains?

Yes, but if you want those addresses to belong to different user accounts it will be ugly (if they’re going to be the same account, it’s quite simple; just set up an email alias). You’d set up two accounts, call them lee1 and lee2. You’d then create a mail alias of -> lee1, and -> lee2.


Thanks @danb35, yes it is the simpler case :slight_smile:

Is and “Account” the same as “User” in this context (the “account provider” seems to be fixed via the LDAP install)? So far I have mapped Alias to destination, which doesn’t work. I can’t quite seem to figure out how to do the mapping you suggest…

That should work. What happens with this?

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Great, I just re-tried and it did work, perhaps I just didn’t allow enough time earlier. Many thanks!

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A link to the relevant part of the docs, for future readers…

Could you mark your answer as solution please. So other people can find the solution much easier.