Multi WAN with pppoe on NethServer 7,5

I have 3 network connections (screenshot)
1 green
1 red
1 pppoe

I set up pppoe on the adsl modem and checked the work on the laptop. Everything works perfectly.

Then I set up pppoe on NS, but Multi Wan shows the dsl interface as connected.

Tell me how to properly configure PPPoE for Multi Wan?

I have been using 7.5 with PPPoE but only on a single connection. MultiWAN is when you have more than one pipe to the internet. It is not apparent in your list of interfaces. I see one green (internal I presume) and one red (for PPPoE I presume). Could you clarify your current setup? Based on your opening statement, it seems that you are talking about a single connection using PPPoE.

I have 2 Internet channels (2 red interfaces)
eth1 (red1) - channel with dedicated IP
eth2 (red2 - pppo) adsl Internet.
eth0 (green) - local area network

IS your PPPoE interface configured as failover? What happens if you disconnect your ETH1? Does your PPPoE conection come alive?

Also - as a test - disconnect ETH1 and just run on PPPoE only?

I have not properly configured the network cards.
That’s right:

The question of automatic return to Red1 after the restoration of the channel remains open.