Multi WAN / QOS


I am setting up a nethserver 7 gateway for my network and have two ISP’s to be connected to seperate network cards, a third network card will be for internal traffic. I want to use one WAN for VOIP traffic and the other for all other internet traffic. Is it possible to acheive this, i.e. send all traffic for a specific port (or from my the ip address of my phone system) to WAN 1 and all other traffic to WAN 2. I would also like if possible if WAN 2 for general traffic goes down it falls over to WAN 1 with VOIP traffic prioritised.


How are you @jbransby ?

I have a client with 3 ISP to provide services to the local mall and its administrative network.

And I is set as follows:

If you want to output a specific port routed to an ISP, you must create a service and then a firewall rule for that service