Multi Wan configuration

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I want to load balance my two ISP’s. I have added two eth interfaces with red zone and assigned static IP’s for those and under firewalls in multi wan I have assigned two different weights for each one. In configure I selected Balance mode and remaining are default. Now I want to get two ISP speed to be merged together but here it’s not happening I tried applying firewall rules with Allowed less weighted ISP route , with source as green and destination as red but I’m not getting both speeds as load balancing.

And one more query is if I want to use particular ISP for some group of private IP’s is it possible to do so.

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Load balancing don’t mean that you will have double speed (speedISP1 + speedISP2), it means that you can double your outbound traffic (some traffic through ISP1, other traffic through ISP2).

Yes, you can.

For all your questions from above, please read this:

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We’re releasing also a new route policy manager by webui. Check this: