MS Exchange replacement in the future?

(Jan Jacobs) #1

I hear there are great plans for NethServer, and i wonder if becoming an Exchange replacement is one of them?
I fidled with Zarafa in the past, nice piece of software i must add!
ATM i’m an Apple consultant, mostly for small businesses who are more then ok with an OS X Server, but recently i got some bigger clients too, who are somewhere between a “simple” mailserver, and a full blown (with a full blown price, i might add!) Exchange server.

Thats why i’m wondering :wink:

(Roberto Sitzia) #2

Hi @Lincee

Yes it could be!

NethServer can full manage e-mail, calendars, tasks, address books as well as an MS Exchange server.
Just keep in mind one thing: MS Exchange server has its native client MS Outlook to take advantage of all features, NethServer needs Mozilla Thunderbird to do the same.
Calendars, tasks and address books in NethServer are managed by SOGo, users can use them in two ways:

  • trough SOGo Web UI
  • by installing SOGo extensions for Mozilla Thunderbird

NethServer with SOGo enabled allows small-medium size companies replacing old MS Exchange installations or creating a brand new client-server communication/collaboration system.

All with a full blown price, I might add! :wink:

(Alessio Fattorini) #3

@sitz that’s a great answer :slight_smile: we could make a FAQ. What do you think?

@Lincee this is a big question, we’re always working on it and there are a lot of plans for the future :smiley: stay tuned!

(Roberto Sitzia) #4

Thanks @alefattorini

Yes we should.

We could start from @Lincee post.