Moving Nethserver HDD to other server

NethServer Version: 7.3.1611

Hello all,

I have a problem with my Nethserver 7.3 installation. Normally the server works quite well, but every 2 - 5 days the server load goes suddenly up to 100> and i have to do a hard reset to get things back to normal. To rule out the server hardware i would like to move the harddisk to another machine. The old server is based on AMD Phenom II X4 with 4 Gb, the replacing computer is on Intel Core i3 with 8 Gb of memory.

Do i run into (other) trouble doing this because of the other hardware? And if possible, what are the best steps to be taken so the system can boot up? Or is it best to do a new installation on the new system (which takes a lot longer time and effort offcourse).

Thanks in advance for thinking with me!
Greetings, Wijnand.

Typically Linux can handle different hardware quite well, but if you already have problems on your old system, I would opt to backup configuration and data, do a clean basic install, restore configuration and data and you should be set to go with a fresh machine.

You might have an issue booting the drive if the disk is on a different controller because that is baked into the initramfs.

Also your ethernet cards will probably be named differently which might throw your network off.


It took some time, but i have set up a new server with a fresh Nethserver installation and moved the functionality over. All seems stable now. It looks like a SATA I/O defect on the motherboard of the old machine. Thanks for your anwers!