Moving Dropbox Folder into ownCloud share folder

I was originally using the standard Dropbox mount method in ownCloud, but found it didn’t fit my needs as it doesn’t actually sync files to the server, it just does a “mount” in the network sense (like a Samba share). So instead, I’d like to put the Dropbox folder into an ownCloud synced folder. Problem is, Dropboxd is installed as root, while the ownCloud folders are owned by apache.

So how can this be accomplished? I’ve read some solutions like installing dropboxd as the apache user but that seems not ideal.


Do you have already tried with this?

Hi again. Providing an update. I ultimately decided to do the mount method and run Dropbox at the same time to backup to the server.

According to ownCloud docs having two syncing mechanisms (like Dropbox and ownCloud) syncing the same folders in the way I described is a really bad idea.

Good to know :smiley: thanks for your update