Moving DHCP from Router to Neth


NethServer Version: 7.6
Module: DNS / DHCP


Now DHCP is running on my Fritzbox but i will move this functions to the Nethserver. But i will use the same IP including reservations, is the a “config” file to do this by hand. I didnt try Copit, but normaly on the web config thats not possibel. I can activate DHCP and do resevations but with new IPs.

thx Axel

Hi Axel,

AFAIK this is stored in the hosts-database.

=> db hosts show

I think it should be possible to make entries manually
=> db hosts set key pcname host
=> db hosts setprop pcname IpAddress
for each pc you want to do.
Then expand-template /etc/dns-masq-hosts.
In this file the ip-reservations are stored.

Never tryed that myself, but I think this should be the way to go.
At least you can give it a try if it works. :slight_smile:

BR Ralf

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THX Ralf i will try it :slight_smile:
can be a nice function to do the resevation with the MAC and IP before the DHCP server deploy it.

A specialy for IP Phones, Cell Phones, IOT and Printer

It’s possible to change the IP-reservations.
Disconnect the device.
If you want a specific IP to a specefic device, just change the IP.
Reconnect the device.


You can use the WebGUI to pre-add in MAC-Adresses and IPs for your devices in the DHCP scope.
Almost as good as a text file for copy&paste!

I always keep an up to date file of Computer (Devices), IPs and MAC Adresses.

My 2 cents