Moving calendar entries with read only rights in Sogo

Nethserver V7
Sogo 3.2.9

If I have a user with read only rights to a sogo calendar he can move an entry to another calendar.
I’ve found this bug at sogo site, but they say it’s repaired in Version 3.2.2. My version is 3.2.9 and the error still appears.

I saw that the version 3.2.10 is available, let’s say to build it and please if the error is still present then go to their issue tracker

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thanks for your answer. Do you build it, I don’t know how :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If it doesn’t work I’ll post it at their issue tracker.

I’m doing it

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Thanks a lot

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I’ve Sogo installed and want to use it with outlook. Because we have many Outlook 2010 (no active sync support) I want to use CalDav Synchronizer for that. Now I have three problems:

  1. If I set userrights (read only) to a calendar, checkboxes for deleting and adding objects are set automatically.
  2. If I edit an entry in Outlook, where I have only rights to read, Outlook saves this entry and CalDav Synchronizer gives an error everytime it synchronizes.
  3. At webinterface it is possible to move calendar-entries with read only rights, for more details look at Moving calendar entries with read only rights in Sogo

Thanks in advance

all of them are SOGo issues, so the right target is SOGo’s bug tracker… please open there all your bugs and report back here the reference for future users, thank you

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I had to edit my synchronization profile at CalDav Synchronizer to

Outlook ← Server (Replicate)

This behavior is corrected in version 3.2.11

/cc @stephdl


there’s no 3.2.11 ATM

any further detail?

You are right, it’s not out know, but here are the release notes.