Moving Away from nethserver for Active Directory


(Jan Jacobs) #1

Dear nethizens,

its been a long time since i last posted and a lot has happened :smiley:
amongst this is the following:

for a client of mine, i am looking to move away from nethserver’s Samba part.
So far i have added a Windows Domain Controller, replicted everything etc etc. and i am ready to remove the nethserver from the domain.

HOWEVER… the nethserver also hosts mail, which will be like this untill the move to Office 365 can be made.

HOW do i remove samba from nethserver, without loosing the mail functionality, including the current adresses/data ??

So, in essence, i want to remove the AD/DNS/DHCP part of nethserver, but not the mail part!

(Michael Träumner) #2

I would say you have to uninstall AD and after that you have to join the Windows AD with nethserver.

(Rob Bosch) #3

If you want to move mail from 1 mailserver to another I successfully used imapsync
If you used SOGo, and use calendars and addressbooks too. I believe there are tools for office365 to migrate mails and addressbooks. I am unsure about calendars…

Any particular reason why NethServer wasn’t up to the task? I would be interested in the usecase.

(Michael Träumner) #4

You could save the calendars with a client as ics, create the calendars at the new mashine and import the data.

(Rob Bosch) #5

Sure, but if you need to migrate several 100 calendars… that would be ‘tedious’ to say the least

(Jan Jacobs) #6

hello Robb, i will answer you shortly :slight_smile:

for now, i have disallowed access to the green interface.
I hope that does the trick, allowing the other DC to take over while the Nethserver still performs mail functions.

calendars etc are of no concern, as no of the employees uses them (yet)