Moving an installation


Now that I’ve played with my new hardware, it’s getting serious - the move begins.

How to move a NS installation to a new Proxmox machine?

  • Is HotSync suitable for this?
  • classic via backup?


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Both methods will work, maybe backup / restore takes a little less work…

My 2 cents

Consider that Hotsync is “reliable” but not “official”.
If you can afford downtime, i’d go for:

  • close services (Port forwarding, firewall rules, and so on)
  • backup
  • while backup, install, update CentOs7 and restore module
  • download config backup on pc
  • shutdown old one
  • upload config backup on new one
  • do a restore
  • after restore ends, checkup
  • allow services to be accessed.

For less downtime, schedule full backup for the day before the migration, so backup time will be shorter (incremental only)

Out of curiousity: you want to move from proxmox to proxmox?


no - from my old native installation on proxmox.

But unfortunately it will still take a while, because friends first have to hang up the new 19" cabinet and then I can hang up the cables at some point.
The mean thing is that all the hardware is there and running…