Moving a Samba AD domain controller

I have a Samba DC server set up on Nethserver and I have the task of moving the entire domain to another Linux system:

  1. Rocky Linux
  2. Alpine Linux

How to do it so that the domain will work without problems on these systems ?

What answered to that Rocky Linux community and Alpine Linux community?
With which motivations?

I’m just thinking about changing to a distribution with minimal installation just for the AD Samba task. I don’t want to install a new domain controller and connect users to a new domain

I can understand the goal.
The question, anyway, should be asked to the destination distro, which could/should have the capability to receive some roles from external Samba AD or restore the configuration of another Samba AD.
At least, by my perception.

Otherwise, an option might be for both distros to start as server members, than being promoted as master operation via the Windows Admin Tools.

These are my personal opinions about the goal you’re try to achieve. Nothing of this has been tested or verified by me, only my personal two cents.

If nothing changed in Red Hat policy, downstream RHEL distros do not have Samba compiled with AD features.
So, if you want to migrate, you will probably need a container.