Move notes from community to wiki

No special way, since I don’t know dokuwiki much:

  • batch download of original images with DownThemAll! Firefox add-on
  • Images manually renamed to something meaningful.
  • Upload to Dokuwiki (supports batch upload).

If you have access to the code of original posts (markdown…), I think it would be even easier:

  • copy code to a file
  • Use an editor with “search & replace” (or a sed like tool) to add the domain to the image’s urls (to make them absolute instead of relative).
  • use pandoc (command-line) to convert markdown to dokuwiki (or just use search & replace in the preceding step to add the opening and closing tags for dokuwiki images)
  • Paste it into dokuwiki.

In the latter way dokuwiki should cache the external images. But the images names would be gibberish.

This process isn’t straightforward at all :frowning: how can we improve it?