Move/increase storage space

NethServer Version: NethServer release 7.9.2009 (final)
Module: Storage

Hello everyone,

I’m very happy with my NS installation. So happy that I’ll run out of disk space sometime soon.
I would like to think this before it happens so I can get the best approach to the problem.

What I have:

2x 3Tb HDD in raid 1 (mirror raid) with this layout:

|/dev/centos/home|/home| | 0.0315 / 200 GiB|
|/dev/centos/root|/ | 1.705 / 2.52 TiB|
|/dev/md/RAIDNAME|/boot| | 239 / 1014 MiB|
swap 7.75Gb

I already bought 2x 8Tb HDD

My first thought (probably the best one) would be to clone 3Tb-disk1 to 8Tb-disk1 and 3Tb-disk2 to 8Tb-disk2 and then expand.

Otherwise what could be done here? is it possible to move /root to new mirror1 8Tb particion?

What would you advise me on this?

Thank you all and keep up this great work!

Hi @aplima

Simplest solution would be to add the 2x8TB as a second RAID1 (Mirror).
You need space in your server to add in 2 more disks and connections (SATA) or whatever.
You can format the disks as mirror with md (Use xfs as file system, that’s NethServer’s standard.
Mount the disks as suitable, and then symlink them to eg /var/lib/nethserver/ibay/ (or eg /var/lib/nethserver/mail/…

This method is update safe, will work with the built-in backup system.

→ You do need to move the data manually first, before symlinking.

My 2 cents

AFAIK the nethserver arrangement is a setup with mdadm for raid and LVM on top.
Then any upgrade procedure for mdadm and raid1 for CentOS might work.
Neverthless… backup before begin.

Considering that what i wrote up here is correct for NethServer “from ISO”.
May I ask if @aplima “nethified” a CentOS7 custom installation?

I’ll try that approach with my virtual incubator for tests :smiley:
Thank you for your input!