Move all users from Version 6.10 to 7.6

Good morning all,
Now came up with a new question…
Recently tried to upgrade my production Nethserver 6.10 box to 7.6, but it failed unfortunately and the server not usable at all.
Restored from a VM backup and my production is up and running
Now am planning to move the users and their mail boxes from existing 6.10 server to my new server 7.6 (without disturbing the production box), built separately.
Any thoughts , ideas or docs?
Thanks in advance.

Developers are working on 7.7, i suggest you to delay the “go” for an upgrade from 7.x until it has been completely developed, patched, and beta upgrade procedure tested.

Did you try it with the upgrade tool?

LDAP or Samba Active Directory?
For Mail you can use IMAPSync

Hi M,
Tried that same tool and after rebooting no basic command like ls, vi etc are not working.
I have to restore from the VMWare backup file.

Am using LDAP and let me try with IMAPSync.
If you can share me any doc apart from the link, it is highly appreciable.

Hi pike,
Please note am planning to upgrade from 6.10 to 7.6. Please suggest

Sorry for late response, I had a lot problems with migrating several computers to Win 10.
But here is a doc for imapsync.[]=imapsync

Sorry for the late reply… tried with Imap sync but in vain.
Finally, ended up create a new server with 7.6 and creating new id’s
Any how thanks for all the support extended and time spared.


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