Move a MySQL database to Nethserver

I have now a Ubuntu Server that have a MySQL database and it works like my database for all my system that need a MySQL database.

I was thinking maybe create a Nethserver that have a database and move all the data to that server and later change the IP address so I do not need to reconfig every client that I have.

What is the best way to do that?

Make a dump of your MySQL on Ubuntu (mysqldump…)
Install NethServer, eg with the MariaDB and PHPMyAdmin AddOns.
MariaDB is file, binary and API compatible to MySQL, even a lot of the key developers are involved in that fork MySQL -> MariaDB.
Transfer the file to your NethServer and load that dump back into MariaDB.
(mysql DB-NAME < DB-DUMP-FILE.sql).
You could also use PHPmyAdmin to restore your Database.
Make sure the IP of your Nethserver is the same as your old Ubuntu (That must be shutdown, else ip conflict) and you should be back up running…

Note, you might also need a dump (and restore) of the mysql db, as that one contains your users and permissions…



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