More options for the letsencrypt certificate module

I first used the Nethserver module for creating letsencrypt certificates. However, I wanted a 4096 bit certificate but Nethserver has no option for that in the module. Also other options of certbot aren’t available in the Nethserver module (e.g. --redirect etc.).

I understand completely that it would be also crazy to have all options of certbot in the module…
however it would be great if a few more options were available.

For me, installing the certificate via certbot worked great…! So, this is really only a feature request.

How did you achieve it? Would you mind sharing the commands?

It is in principle pretty easy… just copy/paste the commands for the needed functions from and… for example:
certbot --apache -d --rsa-key-size 4096 -m --redirect --force-renewal

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