More meaningful instance names for restore


The restore interface in cluster admin lists the available backed up instances. However, these restoreable options have very little meaningfull names making it very very difficult to guestimate which instance is which. Have labeled all instances according my wishes but the naming convention of backups does not adhere to that. Nor can I reverse the restorable instances back to which is which instance.

From the above example, I have absolutely NO CLUE which one to choose. Also the (i) is not much informative to me:

I also expect to be able to select the revision number (as set per how many backup revisions) and exact dates and times, for ‘we need the backup from the day before yesterday’ is more meaningfull than a bunch of unrelated numbers? Also the backup schedule can change at any time, so it is not a law that a default of one a day at 05:00AM will stay once a day at 05:00AM

So I suggest to give every backup revision a very clear and distinctive and relatable name according to a naming convention, where it is immediately clear which backup revision is from what, where and when exactly in a human readable form.

What (to restore), when (Which specific date/backup/instance needs to be restored) and where (is the backup located on the cluster or connected (temp) storages)”. Again, things may change over time.



May I add… FDQN of the container among backup labels?

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  • What if I want to send somebody a copy of a specific backup for usage (import) or analysis?
  • How can one tell from which version of the application an instanced backup has been made.
  • How to store monthly/quarterly/yearly backup sets off side, and how to restore a specific archived backup (import?) (Legislation/Regulation)
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