Moodle lti intergration

Hi just a quick question I’m homeschooling my daughter and I’m using a LMS called education perfect I just found out I can intergrate it with Moodle which has all the extras I want that is not available on the LMS anyway Ive got everything working after running into issues with setting up the lti user id but I added a week worth of lessons and when I tried to add the second week the lti I’d changed from a single number to my email does anyone have a better understanding as to why this might happen and maybe how to stop it any information would be appreciated

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@robb Do you have an idea about moodle lti configuration?

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@Shane_Treweek did you follow the procedure provided by EP help:
Where in this process you run into errors exactly?


I did follow that and got it working I had to log in to all users to ring out the number assigned to each of them when it through up the error although I’m still not sure where those numbers are generated although after using the week setup for course I managed to get a week or two working but for some reason sometimes the id changed from a number to an email listing I only ran into it a few times but I couldn’t figure out why I’m sure it will be something simply or staring me in the face the reason I’m intergration it is I want the ability of a Calendar and email so it can be like a web desktop

Did you try contacting EP helpdesk on this? I can imagine that they can help you further. I looked at the procedure to integrate Moodle with EP and I can only conclude you need their input to get it working in the first place.
/offtopic What exactly is your role in this? If you need Moodle functionality, and already state Moodle has more options than EP, why use EP at all?

Sorry for any confusion i’m currently homeschooling my daughter I guess you could say i’m the teacher, ITC admin etc.

On one hand i’m trying to do most in house because hey why not it’s fun to learn plus i plan to teach her about linux and server infrastructure as part of the technology class.

I’m also using ep because it has all the course work for the Australian curriculum so i don’t have to create most of the course content, their site its very interactive and automated so it gives her a lot of independence to learn at her own pace.

I suppose i don’t really need moodle functionality i’m just trying to make the learning environment more efficient so my daughter can login and have everything already there in the one site (and to stop being sidetracked) instead of having ep then calendar and email open separately.

Thanks for taking a look for me when i have a bit more time i will have to do a bit more investigating

That clarifies things a bit. I can understand having a solution with (almost) the complete curriculum already in place is taking a load of work off.
Then maybe thinking out of the box here, Nextcloud also has options for a calendar and email. Or SOGo. Those 2 modules also run on NethServer. Could it be used instead of Moodle here?


I have now installed nextcloud and have EP embedded which works fine all i need to do now is to speedup the email loading and maybe in the future when i have time writing a plugin or script to automatically create tasks from email

Thanks for the suggestion