Modules Port and Configuration?

NethServer Version: 7.6
Module: Multiple/All
Experience: Nethserver - Noob, Linux - experienced Beginner

Let’s start this off by saying that I have extensively googled this question.
I have recently installed nethserver on a small testing machine that is connected to the internet through a firewall that I’ve configured to portforward 80, 443 and 980. My domain and its subdomains all point to the external IP.

When I try to connect to its internal IP using another device, it works fine. I can access nextcloud through https://myinternalip/nextcloud, SOGo same, and Nethserver by Internal IP and Port.

But, when I try to connect from the outside using either domain or the external IP, SOGo and nextcloud fail on timeout.(Nethserver works fine on https://domain.tld:980/)

Now my question is: through what ports are the modules default? Or do they all get channeled through for 443? In that case, why can’t I access them? And where is that behaviour configured?(Because I also want to run a website off of it when I get this running…).

Sorry for spelling/grammar errors (english is not my native language)

TL;DR: Port forward, Modules from inside work, outside not. Why?

Hi, welcome to Nethserver Community.

Did you enable access from internet in network services / httpd?



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Timeout is a browser page or is a 503 error (e.g. proxy timeout)?

yes, httpd and all (I think relevant) are enabled. (all are set default)

Chrome-Timeout “domain.tld took too long to respond”

Check ping to your domain and try to install server-web from software center if you haven’t got it.

Ping works fine
Web Server (nethserver-httpd-virtualhosts){only one I could find} is installed
All packages are up-to-date

Try change browser, use firefox. In your actual network is there a Proxy?
On the NS I think you don’t have reverse proxy: correct?

FF same problem.
There is no proxy in my or behind my network

Ok: router ports are open? Can you reach 980?
If you do systemctl restart httpd you receive some errors?

yes, I can reach Nethserver from inside using internalip:980 and outside using domain.tld:980
let me try for restart…

no error.

I think the problems can be:

  • ports 80 and 443 are not opened on the router
  • a firewall is blocking connection on 80 and 443: if there is a firewall I think you have to forward this port to your web-server.

Wait for your feedback.


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