Modified dns-community-blacklist to add more dns blacklist of several types

Hi community, this is my first post because I do my first install of Nethserver last weekend. I’m really happy with my new router/nas and I want to contribute with the community, so I modified the community dns blacklist repo:

I added a bunch of other new public blacklist of several sources and types, and uploaded it to my own github here:

Use it freely and fork it if needed. I’m not going to update the repo to update the files in a regular manner, but feel free to do a push to the original repo or clone it in your own repo and launch the script at your will.

I hope that this will help to many people.


Hi Luis,

welcome to NethServer Community.

Thanks for your contribution, I tested your DNS blacklist and it works well.

Have you seen our wiki? There’s also a list of community modules to maybe enhance your Neth router/nas.

Thank you @Corvus,
you did a very good work!

I hope that someone could coordinate the work to keep the repository updated.
If you want, you could even open a PR against the original repository :wink:

So anyone want to join such effort? :smiley:

Kudos to @Corvus who did an amazing job updating the list with many more sources!

:clap: :clap: