Moderation question, when is a post moderated or deleted?

@alefattorini , You left the post that is supposed to be deleted,
And deleted the post that is pure humor, in the humor section.

Did you remove it because of the word orgy ?

If it is because some folks took it as a sexual thing: let them know that an orgy is not about sex in the first place, it has been taught this way by the illiterates that we call politicians/journalists etc, and yet if it is the case, this is about a humor that is actually not making a sexual image at ALL , it is about the reaction of the owner of the business running on the NS server when he reads this Word.

So, I am very very negatively surprised that some frustrated and puritan apparently illustrates, readers had the guts to complain AND to have a mod. execute their wish, to not offend them, but you forgot that you will offend me this way, and shock other readers with your reaction.

This feeling is called deception.

Most ICT are in this world (WWW) because they are tired of being controlled by the “TV” and the religions and the politics, we made a pretty new dimension in this universe, … let me notice that the Vatican is in Italy :wink:

And yet, I just remembered that there is a sexually oriented joke in this topic,
I think it is the Joke number 106, which can upset a woman, the post’s owner even apologized in advance, and I wouldn’t have, because it is Humor, humor belongs to a very few species on this planet, there is us, Chimps and Hyenas are examples, unfortunately for many other species, they don’t have the appropriate brain for it, out if luck, it is not a big deal, they don’t have enough brain either to understand that they are missing something …

So it is very upsetting that users that do not understand humor, come to the humor topic AND upset the ones that took time to write down a joke.

So understand me, what is upsetting me is what happened, not the fact that my 2cent joke got deleted, I am an ICT, not a comic.

Best regards.


No, it was moved simply because nobody had understood it…
It sounded like an anomaly report, not a joke.

(But at the moment that post has actually been deleted :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: ).


The post was flagged as off topic and I deleted the post as I agreed with the flag.
I will split off this discussion too since it does not belong in the “who needs a joke” topic. We can discuss moderation as long it does not end up in a flame war.

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