Mixed sensations on first run of Beta2

I did not tagged bug because I don’t know if there’s any. Some comments.

Allow the sysadmin to know that can “trigger” login via enter with a message, or a lot of persons wont’ know how to access.
Also remind via console that US layout is used, or report it into the documentation. AFAIK comma is usually in the same place in several keyboards, however someone could get stuck into console login (which currently is mandatory for install) for not know that must use the “US key” for ,

Documentation is… improvable
The documentation do not report the shutdown at the end of the installation.
The console procedure says “halting” at the end of the installation procedure, but can be missed if not looking to the procedure.
The procedure do not report to remove the flashmedia only at device powered off or that the install media could be corrupted if removed before the end of the shutdown. Sometimes corruption do not allow the correct install, while booting corretcly.
My suggestions:

  • report into documentation that the installation procedure have a mandatory shutdown invoked from ns-install
  • report into the console process, before start writing that the procedure will shutdown the system at the end and the installation media should be removed only with the device powered off.

This is… partial. Because I got stuck. Positive notes:

  • More network cards with the same driver now are showed into the configuration menu.
  • Older network card (RTL8139 in my experience) is recognized into system and web management

Interfaces and devices is a bit “mixed”: they are actually “zones” with the related interfaces
Interfaces are reported for macaddress and ETH designation, but unless catched into the boot process, I’m not allowed to know which driver is associated.
The interface report status and if online speed. It’s really useful.
It’s not expressely reported into the GUI that there MUST be RED and GREEN zone configured and connected to save the config. If a RED interface is missing, a interface loop starts (Firefox 123). I was not capable to resolve the wrongdo, nor go outside the webpage for reset the installation in any way. I had to reinstall.
IDK if it’s a bug, but maybe a good documentation could avoid this issue.

OpenWRT automatically glue to the bridge ETH0 and configure ETH1 as red. Makes sense. But if my design is reversed, it’s not so user friendly to config that.
Steps I had to use
-detach ETH1 from Red (via three dots, remove configuration)
-edit green (the real interface is the bridge, not the network adapter), add ETH1, remove ETH0. Reconfigure device
-then go to ETH0, which is now unassigned and set it as RED
-click on “Unsaved changes”.
-at the end of the configuration change you’re allowed to move network cable to the RED “device”.

But i was not successful. Error on this command, according to web interface.
/usr/libexec/rpcd/ns.devices call list-devices

So again, i got stuck. I’ll try again tomorrow, with even more “granular” steps, which I’ll detail.


Thanks again for testing.

Good point, just added to the doc.

I’m not able to reproduce. Let’s see if someone else has the same problem to gather more info.

Try with this.
Boot the machine with two adapters
Login with the web interface.
Remove from RED the adapter.
Apply configuration with “Unsave changes” button top right.
Login again
Wave around web interface

I was not able.