Missing Nextcloud on new install

NethServer Version: 7.6.1810 (final)

I’ve successfully installed NethServer but can’t find Nextcloud to get it running. This is a new, fresh installation. Should’t Nextcloud be in Software Centre waiting for me to add it? No sign! It was in a previous version 6 install. Perhaps I didn’t pay enough attention during the install and missed something relating to additional software?


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I think it’s a bug. Didn’t test it on a new install, but it is neither listed as installed when so nor available on Software Center after removing *nextcloud packages.

Meanwhile, you can install it from command line:

yum install nethserver-nextcloud
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Thanks, yes, I have now installed using yum and that works.

Still no sign in my NethServer software centre though.

I also just looked at my old NS 6 install which did have Nextcloud. But since I upgraded that server to NS 7, NC has disappeared from there. The install still exists on the server though.

A bug then!

If I recall correctly, NS6 has OwnCloud.

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According to the notes I made when installing Nethserver last August it was Nextcloud!

You recall correctly: NS6 ships Owncloud.

Yes it should: it’s a bug and should be fixed now. Just wait few hours for mirror sync :wink:

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Must be my memory then, I assumed I had installed NS 6 last year.

Yes, thanks, I see it now. All sorted.

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