Missing a way to install other languages on Cockpit?

NethServer installed.
Manually updated.
Installed some modules official.
But no way to install additional language support from cockpit.

Output of rpm -qa nethserver-lang* is

# rpm -qa nethserver-lang*

Possible workaround: yum install nethserver-lang-[nationcode]
Maybe it’s time to have another button/category for languages?

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I’m sure we already took a look on it, but I was even sure it was fixed.

@dev_team do you remember this thing?

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I’ve found it into NethGUI…

It looks like cockpit already has installed some languages. Have a look at the upper right corner at your account.


I tried with German, English and Spainish, this works.
But Dutch for example is missing.

Yes that is the language selector we inherit from Cockpit. However NethServer applications need to install their translation resources that are still bundled within nethserver-lang-*.rpms.

IMO showing a “Language” category in the software center (like we have in Nethgui) is the simplest solution.

As the Enterprise version comes with the Italian package already installed, and many community users come from the Nethgui age, we probably overlooked the issue.

I spent a little time to analyse the situation and now it’s pretty clear.

All nethserver-lang-<lang> packages contains translations only for the old Server Manager.
So, from the old Server Manager it makes sense having a list of language pack to be installed.

The package nethserver-lang-cockpit (which is built automatically with all other nethserver-lang-*), contains the translations for all supported languages. Such package, is a requirement for nethserver-cockpit, so it’s already installed where the new Server Manager is present.

To recap: language packs are still useful for the old Server Manager, the new Server Manager comes with all languages already installed.


What is about Dutch? Is there no translation for cockpit?

There are extra languages shown in cockpit that do not have a nethserver translation. They just affect the basic cockpit UI from upstream, therefore there are parts with mixed languages.

Then i wasted some time… not only mine. I’ll remove manually installed packages next cleanup.

It happens also with italian…

Yes, the translation is there but some languages may be not available from the menu: it depends on upstream implementation. But usually, the browser can select the correct one (despite of the menu).

Can you please post an example? Maybe we can find a workaround for it.

I’m not complaining, just pointing out the list of display languages does not represent the ones nethserver has translations for.

First that comes to mind is Catalan (my language) but I guess it is the same with Suomi and some other languages. For me it’s not a problem as I tend to use it in English (or Spanish if someone else besides me has to use it).