Minor Samba Issue testparam (Global parameter printcap name found in service section!)

With a system that has entries in the smb.conf for

comment = Administrative access to home directories
path = /var/lib/nethserver/home
administrative share = Yes
browseable = No
admin users = “@domain admins”
create mask = 0660
directory mask = 0770
force create mode = 0660
force directory mode = 0770
read only = No

the print section comes below

printing = cups
printcap name = cups

And logs the following

Global parameter printcap name found in service section!

Moving 70printers in the smb.conf templates to 50printers removes the log entry.

If the “home$ administrative share is disabled” section is disabled then the error does not occur.


Sorry to revive an old post but the warning/error still exists:

So at least the printcap name = cups line shall be in the [global] section. The global section is located in 10global. Do not recall if multiple global sections can be put on the same resulting smb.conf file, that could be an alternative to keep everything almost as is.


Hey guys both you are my heroes.

[root@ns7loc13 ~]# diff smb.confAdminEnabled smb.confAdminDisabled
< [home$]
< comment = Administrative access to home directories
< path = /var/lib/nethserver/home
< administrative share = yes
< inherit owner = yes
< browseable = no
< writable = yes
< create mode = 0660
< force create mode = 0660
< directory mode = 0770
< force directory mode = 0770
< admin users = "@domain admins"
> ; home$ administrative share is disabled
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I don’t get it: is this a cosmetic bug or printers do not work with current configuration? :thinking:

I don’t know, just spotted the error on the log of another user. Apparently it might only be used by legacy applications. Info is old but probably still valid:

Global parameter name found in service section
Indicates that a global-only parameter has been used in an individual share. Samba ignores the parameter.

CUPS does not need a printcap file. However, the cupsd.conf configuration file knows of two related directives that control how such a file will be automatically created and maintained by CUPS for the convenience of third-party applications. Legacy programs often require the existence of a printcap file containing printer names or they will refuse to print. Make sure CUPS is set to generate and maintain a printcap file.


A fix is available for those who want to help the project