Minor Issue with Server Manger Certificates after switch to LetsEncrypt

NethServer Version: NS 7
Module: httpd-admin

After switching from self-signed NS certificates to LetsEncrypt, the httpd.conf configuration file for the Server Manager doesn’t appear to be recreated. This means that the SSLCertificateChainFile parameter, for the LetsEncrypt intermediate certificate is not included.

Note that this setting should also be manually added to the ssl.conf file for the regular https web server.



I can confirm the bug, just opened the issue:

Thanks for reporting and sorry for the late response!


The issue is on QA, would like to test it? :wink:

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This is great news @giacomo, this issue I think has been dogging me for a while now with my ssl cert problems. How do I test this from QA on my nethserver?


Just install the package from testing repository:
yum --enablerepo=nethserver-testing update

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Sorry @giacomo, been swamped with other tasks and never did get around to testing. I do see updates in software center. Has this fix been released yet or is it still in testing?

Thank you.

It’s already released :wink:

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