Mini PC for NS7 home use 2 x full ethernet

Hey team,

a quick question. What would currently be the way to go if I need a simpel small footprint server/gateway NS7 machine with 2 x RJ45. I know about the PI solutions with an extra USB->RJ45 but the transfer rate of the USB bus is already limited. Likely an ARM device?

TIA and sorry for being in lazy mode.

You could try this PC Engines apu2 system boards.
It’s a bit slow, but once configured should do he job.

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Just got myself this week a PCEngines APU4d4 for use as a NethServer (Demo-Object…).

The APU 4d4 are - at the moment - better available than the ones with 3 NICs or two NICs.

With a Quadcore AMD, 4 GB RAM, 4 Intel NICs and a 120 GB SSD, the performance is quite OK.

I’m using it with a blue casing. (NethServer has a blue logo…)

All the other PCEngines are running OPNsense, and have a red casing…

No moving parts, so nice and quiet. Low power usage…


This box will boot a standard USB3 stick with NethServer installer, all’s needed is appending the boot prompt with this:


NICs and all are recognized as expected!


The major vendors (Dell, HPE, Lenovo) sell a variety of mini-PCs in 1L size or smaller (the ThinkCentre M75n is .35L), but it looks like most of them only have one network interface. USB’s always an option, of course. But they do have video adapters, so no need for a serial console.

Ok, found a neat little device that is ARM based. Just curious what you guys think about the feasibility of putting it up to the task as a home NS server/gateway.

I’m using 3 Zotac Zboxes for 3 Proxmox nodes.
Each one was bought on ebay a few years ago for about 150 €.

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Thanks! also a very interesting option.

If I had to purchase new equipment now, I would tend towards AMD Ryzen based device.

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I wouldn’t yet trust an ARM based NS variant… Too risky in my opinion. Will it reboot after the next upgrade?

Also: 1 GB RAM is even for a Raspberry on the very low end…
I wouldn’t touch a RPI with 1 or 3 GB RAM. At least 4, better 8 GB RAM… :slight_smile:

But interesting in any case…
Waiting for Feedback how (and with what) that box runs…

My 2 cents


STH seems to like these units:

Article here:

Again, onboard video, so no need for a serial console.


Hello everyone, for example, I am happy with these mini PCs.
HP ELITEDESK 705 G3 PC (Certified Refurbished) AMD QUAD CORE A6-9500E - SVGA RADEON R5 - 8GB RAM - 128GB SATA SSD -
4x USB 3.0 - 2x USB 2.0 - LAN - AUDIO JACK - VGA - DISPLAY PORT -

I easily manage 2 wan and everything you need and it is fully compatible with nethserver

Have a look at the HUNSN Fanless Mini-PC range. There’s a variety of CPU configs and they are nicely built. Recently, the 2 x LAN, 4 x USB, 2 x HDMI with a Celeron and Windows license was cheaper than a Raspberry Pi!

Thanks, do you have a link to Amazon or other online sales channels please?

Unfortunately the link we bought from at Amazon a month ago is dead and I can’t seem to find any more of that model for sale - perhaps was an older or limited model clearance. This was the one:

Was impressed by the build etc. Maybe your google ‘foo’ will have better luck finding similar.

Just found this at Newegg with i3:

and more choices in the Store.


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