Migration to new hardware and 7.8.2003 to 7.9.2009

NethServer Version: 7.8.2003
I have some years ago set up with a spare PC a small server used for DC on a super small LAN, samba sharing, and an accounting software Cobol based.
Working fine, but not much space left.
Having now an old-bur-not-too-much Fujitsu server I would like to make fresh install of 7.9.2009 and migrate all.
I know I will have to re-install my custom Cobol software, but this is not a problem.
For all the rest does an SSH migration exist like for upgrade 6.x to 7.x or I will have to make a full backup on an USB drive and restore from that?
In alternative is using HotSync possiblle between different versions?
Thanks in advance.

Hi Daniele,
IMVHO you should not go for the hotsync.

I’go this way…

  1. full update of Fujitsu server’s firmwares bioses and more over.
  2. meanwhile, full backup of your server current status
  3. install 7.9.2009 on Fujitsu
  4. full update of your current server to 7.9.2009
  5. backup configuration and full data backup of current server
  6. shut down current server
  7. set the hostname of the Fujitsu as the same of your current server
  8. restore config, restore data on Fujitsu
  9. go full check of your Fujitsu

Steps 1-3 could run while server is being used. Steps 4 to 9 should run when your server is “not on duty”.
This will allow you to restore at two different points your server…

  • before starting the whole process
  • before starting update from 7.8.2003 to 7.9.2009

AFAIK, I cannot exclude that 7.9.2009 should correctly manage the restore of the backup of 7.8.2003, but i am not sure.
Also, you could consider a “while we are here” a full disk backup via clonezilla of your 7.8.2003 installation, among the other “better safe than sorry” steps.

Thanks for prompt response. Being a server on which I can afford some hours down I will investigate in this (and report), turning off the old server just after full backup:

I cannot exclude that 7.9.2009 should correctly manage the restore of the backup of 7.8.2003

In case something goes wrong, I will just turn off the new server and turn on the old one… and re-post here!

Before turning off “current” server, remember to download at least the latest configuration backup (from the current server).
It will be needed from Fujitsu installation to know:

  • it’s name (FDQN)
  • how to map network adapters and how to configure them
  • which packages are installed
  • how these packages and the server are configured

Data restore will be available one after configuration restore… otherwise Fujitsu won’t know where the hell are the backups.