Migration RSPAMD

NethServer Version: NS8
Module: RSPAMD
Short Question, is it possible to migrate the learned Spam Data to the NS8 Rspamd?

The following worked for exporting the rspamd redis db to the file dump.rdb on NS7.

redis-cli -s /var/run/redis-rspamd/rspamd --rdb dump.rdb

Unfortunately I couldn’t find a way to import it in NS8.

Redis for rspamd on NS8 is running in the rspamd container:

runagent -m mail1 podman exec -ti rspamd ash

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okay, maybe @stephdl can give an idea?

Yes, the migration is automatic with the NS8 migration tool.

It is implemented here nethserver-ns8-migration/root/usr/share/nethesis/nethserver-ns8-migration/apps/nethserver-mail/migrate at 287b28e2d2ecf8f1d53d14e51920e5902fe74df8 · NethServer/nethserver-ns8-migration · GitHub

The dump.rdb file is rsync’d to rspamd-redis volume.