Migration NS6 LDAP Users to NS7 Samba AD

Hi All,

I would like to migrate my users from LDAP on NS6 to Samba AD on NS7.

How can I do this?
Somebody help me?



IIRC this feature has been already requested in this forum: we’ll be working on it after sme8 migration procedure.

You can find some notes on the wiki:


Hi Davide,

I’ ve resolved in a different method.
In NS6 there’s a file accounts under /var/lib/nethserver/db, formatted by fields for User, Groups etc.

I taken this file and catched the interested fileds and construct a script and then I passed by adcli utility and I recreated Users and Groups on NS7.

It’s a good idea?




It can work! Please share your script with us!!

cat accounts |awk -F\| '{ split($1,col,"=user"); print "echo passwordOFAdministrator | adcli create-user "col[1]" --display-name=\"" $9 " " $11 "\" --stdin-password" }'

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There’s also the upgrade procedure! Ready for testing :wink: