Migration from NethService/SME Server

Hi there, after a long try, I can’t make work the script of Migration from NethService/SME

I reach the step.

screen rsync-migrate 22

Server, it says:

Cannot exec ‘rsync-upgrade’: No existe el fichero o el directorio

I’m trying to don’t re-joint the machines again to the server. so i copied the SMEserver config and all the directories (not the files) to a virtuabox machine i installed Nethserver 7.5.1804 and its not posible to make the backup (sme machine is without the web page) so i choose to make it by SSH.

¿do i have to install a package for it?


I make it work, but sais: FAILED for every item to import

Now is to discover why?

I could import the accounts, but domain provider is not accessible.

Ok, after one nigth I can say “The final victory”, I’m ready to probe the server in a virtual machine (I takes a lot) if it works the migration steps will be reduced 50 clients machines to don’t rejoin the domain. cross the fingers!!! 4 hours to probe.

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It didn’t work, with XP in a virtual machine the domain works so well but with Windows 7 8 10 it doesn’t work. :tired_face: next week I continue this work.