Migrating to office 365 error Dovecot

Hello everyone, I got stuck trying to migrate mailbox to office 365 with this error:

ImapNoPermissionPermanentFailure: Imap server reported an error during SLECT indicating that the current user is not permitted to carry out the requested operation: 'Permission denied )0.001 + 0.000 secs).'.

the issue is related only to emails, in fact i can see the folder tree synced.

I tried even with usermail*vmail but nothing to do. still stuck.

any idea? thanks

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ok I solved by myself, was not a problem related to the server.

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If I can ask, how did you solve it? Same problem here. Thanks.

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@trogloraspa Please share you solution. i am encountering the same problem.

hi, sorry i dont remember at hand the steps we did, I will search on my memo. If i found something I’ll share it.


Thank you! Any pointer would be welcome.