Migrating to office 365 error Dovecot

Hello everyone, I got stuck trying to migrate mailbox to office 365 with this error:

ImapNoPermissionPermanentFailure: Imap server reported an error during SLECT indicating that the current user is not permitted to carry out the requested operation: 'Permission denied )0.001 + 0.000 secs).'.

the issue is related only to emails, in fact i can see the folder tree synced.

I tried even with usermail*vmail but nothing to do. still stuck.

any idea? thanks

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ok I solved by myself, was not a problem related to the server.

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If I can ask, how did you solve it? Same problem here. Thanks.

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@trogloraspa Please share you solution. i am encountering the same problem.

hi, sorry i dont remember at hand the steps we did, I will search on my memo. If i found something I’ll share it.


Thank you! Any pointer would be welcome.

Any update on this solution as im struggling to get this to export, i dont want to end up exporting the pst file


Hi there, did you get a resolution to this issue?

Hi there, did you get a resolution to the problem?

I made a separate question, and I provided an answer there for others to see. Talented mods decided to delete it without even trying to understand the issue was defined in the best possible way.


Dovecot (on NethServer) automatically creates Publick and Public/Junk folders with access permission restricted to the root user only.


Allowed lookup and reading for Authenticated users on the Public folder
The command used: doveadm acl set -A Public authenticated lookup read

Since those folders were empty, logs were flooded with errors that were irrelevant:



reset, view is now inconsistent Error:


reset, view is now inconsistent

To silence that, when creating the migration batch in MS 365 (Exchange), I Excluded Public and Public/Junk folders.


You are a god among men, that is awesome…ignore public and public/junk and it kicked out without a problem.

I’ve been fighting with this for a few days

Thanks for th ehelp


Hi Rob, sorry i didnt reply earlier, I was travelling.

I’m happy that the answer came anyway, and I can confirm the issue was related to that.

happy season break to everyone.