Migrating LDAP enabled Neth Email Server to a new location on new IPv4

NethServer Version: 7.1
Module: your_module
I have an email server running Nethserver for about 117 users. All authentication happens against a Windows Active Directory based on Windows Server 2012 R2.
I now have a need to move this nethserver to a new location where a new active directory being raised. What would be the safest to migrate this server with minimal downtime?
I understand I have to unjoin this server from existing ADC and rejoin to the new ADC.
Is it even possible safely?

Is it a physical server or virtual, if a virtual I would copy it to a new machine and do the changes there.

It is a virtual Nethserver. It needs to be migrated to another location with new IP on a completely different Active directory. But its for same users though. Are the following steps correct?

  1. Unbind Nethserver from Account Provider page
  2. Shutdown Nethserver
  3. Copy to new virtual environment.
  4. Join new domain

I am replicating the existing Domain controller to the new location. So essentially all users are exactly the same. My concern is will all the email boxes attach themselves with appropriate users.

I would try like this:

  • copy the virtual machine (Backup), so you have the chance to go back if something doesn’t work.
  • shutdown nethserver, start the “nethserver copy” (so you know if every thing with the copy is OK)
  • Unbind “nethserver copy”
  • copy “nethserver copy” to new virtual environment
  • change IP
  • join to new domain

Does this work?

Just an idea: Why not use hotsync?

Create new machine, sync with old as slave, shut down old and boot slave as new master.
Do changes on new machine. Minimum of downtime, maximum safty, because old machine
can be reactivated everytime. Seems ok for me.

I did it last time that way to move from old hardware with proxmox to new hardware with proxmox.
And now I have the old machine still as slave for desaster prevention with hotsync. :wink:

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Could you please elaborate little on the hotsync? Are you referring to any Proxmox or Nethserver feature?

NethServer feature.


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Sorry for late response. I’m not at work today.
As @pike and @danb35 already said, it’s a nethsever feature, but it’s officially in beta state.
I’m using it as “poor mans HA” and never had any trouble with it. I did a disaster simulation and was within about 30 minutes up and online again.
It’s also usable for transfering an instance to new hardware. So it’s suitable also for your task IMO.