Migrating from SME 9.2 - Windows 7 clients

NethServer Version: nethserver-7.9.2009-x86_64
Module: samba

I started to migrate from SME to NS in a VE. A little tricky but looking good so far. Before I start with the production machines, I’m stumbling over the question how the windows 7 (mainly) clients will come up. Right now the SME is configured as PDC. The clients authenticate against the SME. I followed the migration roadmap which says that in this case on the NS a local AD has to be configured. Now the question: how will the desktop of the windows clients look like, if they join now the NS AD? Do they first have to be removed from the SME PDC before joining the NS AD? Will desktop-settings of users be lost? That would mean a lot of work to do for every PC… Has anybody any experience with this part of the road? Thanks for any reply.



There IS a lot of work involved.

You need to create a “Default Profil” using the current users profile.

See this:

This will remain Default Profile for every new, legimate user (AD Users!) on this PC.
So if the old user logs in, now essentially a completly different user, with different SID (That’s how an AD identifies users!) in other words “a new user”: He will get his old desktop, just as he was used to. Icons the same place, same background image, etc…

This needs to be done on EVERY individual PC!
But with Windows 10, it would no more be this easy, you’re VERY lucky!

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Hi Andy,

thank’s for sharing, I’ll have a look into this.




Make sure you have activated the local administrator in Win7 - per default deactivated! AND set the password!
-> Otherwise you may not be able to login after removing it from the SME-Domain…

After creating a Default Profile as per earlier post, you can remove PC from the SME PDC.
Reboot, if required change the PC name (When not in any Domain!).
Join the AD.
Login as local administrator

Set permissions using “Verwaltung” of that PC.


Administrator (Domain Administrators should be here, add any user who needs local administration permissions)
RemoteDesktopUsers (Add in Domain Administrators, and maybe a new AD group “remotedesktopusers”)

Reboot, and test with the AD User you created (Migrated!)… He should get his old desktop, Apps should run.

You can set network drives using MS-RSAT (Available and working also for Win7).

That should get you going on…

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For the clients to join the AD from the NS after migrating, I found this nice little tool:

Tested after migration on a win7 workstation. Working flawlessly, nice and easy.

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