Migrating from owncloud to nextcloud

NethServer Version: 6.8
Module: owncloud

Hello everyone.

From what i’ve seen NS7 will support nextcloud. If i get it right that means owncloud support will be droped.
I’m currently on version 6.8 which uses owncloud so does that mean that when the update to 7 comes it will automatically switch to nextcloud? Will i have to do something manually? Will it keep owncloud without any more updates? I haven’t figured out yet from searching around how this is going to happen exactly.

Hi @LamboLighting,

check this link

I have not tried. If you have success, you might write a HowTo. It could help those who are in your same situation :wink:

Backup your data before any operation


Yes i’ve seen this solution in the nextcloud website.

I was wondering if NethServer will have an automatic way to do it during upgrade.
So we most probably have to do it manually right?

Of course we will have it! But currently it’s not available.
We’re still discussing the main upgrade path, I guess that only after we can talk about other modules

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