Migrating a MS-SQL Server to NS7

(fpausp) #21

Hi all, have you ever tested the mssql-server installation on Nethserver? - MSSQL HowTo

(André Wismer) #22


It’s planned, but not right now. Just moved, and need to wait for my stuff to catch up with me.


(fpausp) #23

Hi André, please let me/us know your experience with it…

(Enrique D) #24

Thanks @fausp, but that is not planed on my side, not yet, looks very promising, and yes, I’ll try in some of my next test just to know if it can work for us, I wonder if your how to works for sql server 2008r2.

Right now my plate is full, and the need to move that windows 2012 + sql server to this new domain is top priority.

If I accomplish this task, then I will commissioned the old w2k server (need a NAS) to replace the file server or to add as an iSCSI disk for NethServer (the safest is what I’m looking for).


(André Wismer) #25

Will do, but might take 1-2 weeks…
Will see about a more or less full How-To.


(fpausp) #26

OK folks, I wish you every success…