Migrate to NS from Samba 4 AD

Hi everyone, I currently have around 50 Windows 10 computers all joined to a Samba4 domain built on CentOS. Is there a way to migrate roles to Nethserver without creating a domain from scratch and rejoining all computers to the new server? Has anyone already performed this procedure? Thank you



And welcome to the NethServer community.

There IS a way to migrate your Samba installation, as both use the same underlying Samba AD (Compatible 2012R2), it’s just not officially supported, but should work.


  • Join NethServer to the Samba AD domain.
  • Promote NethServer using Windows Tools and verify.
  • Remove the Centos based Samba Server from the AD domain.
  • Your user accounts and AD Domain should be intact on NethServer. The Domain SID should be the same.
  • You will need to adapt the AD DNS to make sure it points to the new AD using either MS RSat tools or PHPLDAPAdmin.
  • Check your AD and verify clients can log in.
  • You still need to manually move over the user home contents.
  • Create other shares as needed on NethServer, and move over the contents (rsync).
  • Set permissions on shares / userhomes as needed.

Note: The above is an incomplete list, more may be needed, eg. NethServer e-smith SET commands…

Double check everything!

And as always in such a situation: Good Luck!

This / similiar tasks have been done and partially documented here in this forum, but each case is a one off with a lot of differences between each one,…

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Thanks Andy for your reply.
Should I add the NethServer to the Centos domain as a member via the web gui or should I follow this guide?
howto:add_ns7_samba_domain_controller_to_existing_active_directory [NethServer Wiki]


I’d try the WebGUI first, since that post, there’s been quite a few improvements.
If not, you still have the post method. :slight_smile:

It could be that the GUI only adds NethServer as a member, not a dc, then the post method would be needed.
Your mileage may vary…

As usual, backup your steps, or if running virtual, make snapshots!

My 2 cents

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