Migrate to new Server

I am currently planning to build a new server and investigating migrating SOME config from another.

The scenario is: the current server is on internal LAN with a non gTLD name (.lan). It is running AD/Shares/NextCloud/OnlyOffice. I want to create a new ‘cloud’ based server in a VPN to service three separate locations (which the current one is doing now).

I want to achieve setting the new AD on a fully qualified gTLD and a new IP/Range - therefore assume a full rebuild.

Is it possible to import/migrate the current User and NextCloud configuration/permissions to the new one? Or any portion of that to any degree?



I know @Giacomo added a network cards remapping function to the restore-config command. I think you can achieve what you need with it.

I also tested a network configuration that suite an ad running on a vps with just one network card. From the server manager Network page

  • define a vlan interface (green) with a private subnet
  • switch the main interface to red

Thanks @davidep. I couldn’t find any specific documentation on that, yet it makes sense for IP change.

Several years ago, I did manage to edit the backup config files of an e-smith/sme server prior to restoring on another machine to achieve this ‘partial’ restore (users etc) but AD brings in a whole new level of complexity. Might just have to play with that in virtuals.