Migrate SME9 PDC to NethServer - windows clients

I´d like to migrate a client from SME9 to NS7 but I´m 4.000km away so my main concern is what will happen to Win10 clients.
I can manage all server side configuration remotly but not sure how trust relationship between Win10 e SME9 will move/migrate to NS7.
Ina perfect world I´d like to install NS7 as MS AD provider and import old server (SME9 Samba3 PDC), so all passwords, configs and trust between Win10 e server would be maintained!

Is that possible ?



Migrating… something 4.000km away might be a… high stake challenge. To say the least.
Tuning in to… see the journey.

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At least users and groups are migrated, so I think computers are included too but I never tested migration from SME.
Maybe you can try the migration on a test VM first.

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Last time I migrate from old hardware to present one being that far away.
It was a SME6 to SME7 migration but that time Win XP was on machines, so it was easy, just logon again.
The PERFECT scenario would be new NS7 AD as primary server, and old SME9 server migrate/to be inserted on new AD of NS7 so all configuration would be keep.

That would be perfect if SERVER has more than 8GB RAM and do not have another VM inside (Win7 vm for one small use) using 4GB RAM…kkk.
I think I´ll be safer if I install proxmox (or another virtualizer) on new HW and:

  1. install a SME9 on it
  2. migrate from HW SME9 to VM SME9
  3. install a NS7 as AD
  4. make snapshots of everything!
  5. start trying migration scenarios…
  6. pray a lot to work… hehehe

I think I´ll request a new powerfull HW with 32GB RAM and SSD256 for OS!!
I´ll keep you updated as process moves forward.