Migrate NS8 Samba/Ad to another Node in the cluster?

NethServer Version: NS8.1
Module: Samba/AD


I need to move a NS8 AD to another Node in the same cluster.
How is this possible to do / trigger?
Or is the only way via Backup and kill AD, then restore?

All other Apps have the migrate option under the three dots. I can’t fnd any similiar option for Samba / AD.

The node (VM) the AD is running on needs maintenence…
But we need AD in the meantime. We expect this to take 24-36 hours… :frowning:


My 2 cents

Generally the clone function is missing for account providers because they are replicas.

Specifically, if a DC is acting as THE file server (only one is allowed per domain), the procedure is backup/restore, as explained here: File server — NS8 documentation.

Thanks, that’s what I thought.
But I manually have to shutdown node1 ?
(I can’t have two ADs with NS8.1 - yet!)

While the second instance is restored you can keep AD active, but this might lead to inconsistencies if

  • users change a share contents
  • joined workstations change rotate their machine password

It’s up to you how to deal with those issues.

If you can shut down node1 completely you avoid those issues completely.

A Redis command can transfer the “file server” role to the second node, if you decide to go with the “online” path :slight_smile:

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