Migrate Nethserver 6.9 to another Netserver 6.9

NethServer Version: 6.9

Hi, I want to migrate file and configuration from one 6.9 Nethserver installation to another identical installation and I would like to know if operation sequence is right (I would like it to be painless for users):

  1. installation server, software, update (ok)
  2. Old server name is “server”, new server name is “server2”.
  3. Old server is PDC, new server is Workstation (for now).
  4. Recreated Shares
  5. Recreated Groups and users
  6. Copy all data in Shares
  7. rename server to serverold
  8. rename server2 to server
  9. set server (ex server2) to PDC
  10. set serverold (ex server) to Workstation

Using this procedure will the clients connect as before without having to reconfigure anything?

Fabio Ceccarani

With this procedure, clients will have to rejoin the new PDC.

Why don’t you use a simple backup and restore?

The current server has some configuration error (lan, … because of my experiments!) and some problem to update software (In addition to not being virtual). So I take advantage to make a clean installation.
Anyway I have alredy do users, shares and copied data.

What is the problem if clients will have to rejoin new PDC if this have same name of old?

All users’ profiles will be resetted

MS join depends on the SID of the domain, not on the domain name itself.
If you change the PDC where clients are joined, you need to rejoin each client by hand.

I found a possible solution to avoid to rejoin clients (https://community.spiceworks.com/topic/143798-change-domain-sid-without-rejoining-domain):

"You can restore a domain SID from the old to the new Samba server by using

net getdomainsid


net setdomainsid

This way you can run the new Samba server with the same domain SID as the old one. No need to change the clients."

I will try this…or rejoin all clients by hand!

This is exactly what the backup and restored procedure does for you :slight_smile:

Good luck ant let us know! :wink: