Migrate mailboxes from 6.7 to 7.4 and do not subscribe

I have installed a new nethserver 7.4, create new mail boxes, same name as my nethserver 6.7, copy the mailboxes using “rsyncs”. When they have already been copied, reassign chown -r vmail: vmail to the entire vmail folder; When I open my thunderbird email client, the inbox comes out, but the sub-folders under the inbox do not come out. And I had in the thunderbird to uncheck the option to “show only subscribed folders”. I use sogo3

Hi @Daniel_Mogollon_M,

Thunderbird subscribes to the folders found at setup and to folders created by thunderbird itself by default. As you rsynced the folders, they are new to tb and not automatically subscribed. You already found the solution:


If you need to patch more thunderbirds you may do it with a user.js file:


user_pref("mail.server.server1.using_subscription", false); assuming the account is the first one (server1) in Thunderbird.

Thanks for your reply @Markus Neuberger It served to see the folders in the mail client. However, the problem is due. to that when copying the folders of the mailboxes and the file has been replaced: file: subscriptions of each folder. I only have to replace the file from the old server to the new one or another option?

You’re welcome. Didn’t you rsync your mailbox already? This should be enough. The files should be replaced.

The subscriptions file just contains the subscribed folders, you may check the content with cat /var/lib/nethserver/vmail/USER/Maildir/subscriptions to compare old and new file:


If you don’t copy the file you may just subscribe again:


Yes, copy using rsync, but something happened with the subscriptions file, so now I’m checking the old ones with the new ones. I do not think I replaced the subscriptions file because it is newer… :smirk: Thanks again