Migrate from NS7 to NS8

Hi everyone i’m planning to migrate my enviroment which is currently on 3 separate vm on Proxmox each of these vm provides specific service:

  1. DC Samba
  2. Mail Server
  3. Nextcloud
    My question is what is the procedure should i take to migrate this 3 vm on the vm where i install ns8?
    Important: the mail server vm and nextcloud vm are connected to the remote samba account provider
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I tested with a Nextcloud and a Samba DC VM and I think the DC should be the last one.

  1. Backup/Snapshot!
  2. Create an external user domain (account provider) on NS8 and join to the NS7 AD.
  3. Start and finish the migration of the remote NS7 VMs (all except the DC Samba one)
  4. Migrate the Samba DC VM