Migrate between hardware nodes

Dear all,

We’re currently in the process of planning a move from Windows SBS 2008 to Nethserver 7 for directory services and mail (using SoGo). Currently we’re putting the beta through its paces but things are looking promising: congrats on this!

To minimize downtime, a Nethserver install is to be buildup on a seperate chassis, after which we will migrate users and data from the SBS to Nethserver. However, due to hardware specifics (better RAID card, more internal memory) we eventually would like to run on the chassis currently running SBS. Apart from RAID controller and and RAM, both chassis are identical.

I’m looking to use the backup and restore option, but I’m somewhat sceptical on whether this will succesfully work accross two non-identical systems.

Could anyone confirm that this method will work and should correctly move all Samba users, maildata and SoGo databases from the temporary chassis to the permanent system?

Thanks in advance.

Backup and restore copies all data. It’s the way to go when changing hardware.
Take you time to familiarize with the process.

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Great, many thanks. We will setup a test-bed with the beta and aiming for production by the time version 7 reaches final. I’m looking forward using this great piece of software with its lively community (one of the reasons choose Nethserver).