Microsoft SQL Server Import Problems

NethServer Version: 7.8.2003 (final)
Module: Microsoft SQL Server latest from Software center

Hello, i try to figure out to change a SQL Express Server with a Database from a Win 10 System to SQL Nethserver. Unfortunately i am not experienced with it. I get the Connections etc, but ending always with an error if i try to import/migrate the Database. I tried it with the Migration tool form MS and also with a Restore Tool from the Company who programmed the Database. Maybe someone has an idea . The database is around 10 GB big and works without errors on a sql express 2014 right now. it is an advanced one cause its need the advanced text research. it seems to be a right problem with the database what i build also, but i have no clue why, maybe someone has make it in the past and have an idea.

syka fehlermeldung beim import

this is the error what i got at the point when import starts.

syka datenbank def
this is the database right now

IMVHO is a “limit” of SQL Server on linux, I am not sure if Linux can use OLE processes with SQL Server.
Also… Size is tremendously close to the limit of 10GB, current limit for “express” versions of SQL Server even 2016.

So… seems not related do NethServer, but more to SQL Server on Linux, IMVHO

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thank you for the info´s

Maybe you are missing the WITH MOVE clause, here is a list of issues: